The Best Massage for Back Pain

Every person experiences back pain at some point in their life. More treatment is needed for back pain than for any other body part, such as the neck or knees. This may be due to the fact that the muscles in your back work hard every day to maintain proper posture, and sometimes these ligaments and muscles may become strained. Massages have been shown to increase relief from back pain through manipulating the soft tissues in the back.

Massages increase the mobility of joints and allow them to function more effectively. You can even increase mobility by releasing the tension in your tailbone with a massage. You can get Massage Treatment Cherry Creek professionals provide, but which massage should you get? Even if you suffer from chronic pain, compression of the nerves, or any condition that results in back pain, you can get immediate relief and relaxation with a well-done massage.

Not only do massages relieve pain, they also reduce the amount of stress you experience and improve the quality of sleep you get each night. They are also mood boosters, increasing endorphins in the brain and body. Another benefit of massaging is the increased circulation of blood. This makes you feel more energized and allows bodily functions to proceed for efficiently. Virtually every individual body part will be improved with regular massages from a professional – or even a friend.

Swedish massages are the most common in the United States and use gentle or medium pressure to release tightness.

Deep tissue massages apply deeper force than Swedish massages, massaging the grain of muscles.

Hot stone massages use stones that are heated in water, relaxing the muscles and increasing circulation.

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Any of these massages can help with your back pain, so speak with your massage therapist, or amateur massage volunteer, about which one is best for your specific situation.